Under the auspices of the French “Fédération Nationale des Agents Commerciaux” (National Federation of Commercial Agents), SODIAL is the initiator of the creation of an excellency label which is currently being finalised.

This label will certify the commercial agents who commit to satisfying its requirements in the fields of ethics, commercial performance, social and environmental responsibility.

Since its creation, SODIAL commits to guaranteeing its customers and principals a “service of excellence” in all fields.

Pour nos fournisseurs

We commit to:

We commit to:

For our customers

we commit to:

Notre engagement

Quality with complete confidence

We nurture a close collaboration with the principals we represent. We visit their plants and each step of their production lines. We study their manufacturing processes in detail and verify the traceability of their raw materials.

Expertise and passion

Our passion is sales, because of its multiple facets. Price is only one of the parameters linked to the act of purchasing. We convince thanks to our good knowledge of the products, of logistics and of the total cost of ownership for our customers. Furthermore, we identify and coordinate actions with numerous departments: purchasing, quality, shipping, R&D, legal.
Lastly, the offered price has to be thought of in terms of value and profit. In certain markets, we need to convince both the resellers and their customers in a notion of « sell in, sell out ». Our satisfaction? We are not a mere principals but a partner for the majority of our customers thanks to our know-how of over 40 years.

Our vision

Before you had to sell more. Today you have to sell better.
We are convinced of this and our customers as well.
Our expertise is an unquestionable advantage in accompanying you in the success of this mutation. Your certifications and your know-how are formidable assets that we will help you to showcase on the French market.
SODIAL - Société de Distribution Alimentaire

Societal responsibility of the company

SODIAL has committed to a corporate citizen approach which is socially and ecologically responsible. We seek to continually improve our performance in each and every field concerned by the practice of our activities.
  • Values - Gouvernance
  • Relations – Work conditions
  • Environment
  • Loyalty of practices
  • Respect of customers
  • Community – Societal commitment
  • Human rights

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